01 Nov
Pros of Training Your Hair
Cons of Training Your Hair
It is easier to get ready for the dayWhile training your hair, it will look greasy 
You won't use as much shampooYour hair won't smell as clean
Easier to get ready for the dayMany people will buy other products to help there hair. 

I have talked to so many men and women that have been training their hair. In other words, not to wash your hair for days or weeks. Is this worth the trouble? 

Pros of Training Your Hair

  1. You use less shampoo which, saves you money. The $4 a month that you might spend on shampoo is no longer on your monthly budget!! PARTY!!
  2. It is supposed to be better for your hair if you wash it less. Your body knows what it needs. When you are putting unnatural products in your hair, your body won't know how to react. So I have been told. 
  3. The fewer shampoo and hair products you buy, the less plastic waste there is. In our family, we throw away about three shampoo bottles every six months. So if all four of us lived for 75 years in the same house, we would throw away 1,800 plastic bottles of the waist. 
  4. It is easier to get ready for the day if you don't have to wash your hair. I know on days that I don't have to shower, I can get out the door in 15 minutes vs. an hour. I love the 45minutes saved!
  5. You have bragging rights!  Who wouldn't want to brag that they haven't washed their hair in two weeks and it looks perfect?

Cons of Training Your Hair

  1. Most people that are trying to train their hair look like a greasy butterball. No matter what they say, they look BAD! 
  2. Your hair doesn't smell as clean as beforehand. Instead of sweet smells of roses and cucumber melon, you smell like hair B.O.!
  3. Most hair trainers use other products to help maintain a clean look. Cocoa powder, baby powder, dry shampoo, apple cider vinegar, etc. In other words, there are more products you need to buy. That $4.00 a month you were saving is going to another product. :/

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Written By: Sarah 

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