30 Jul
Pros of Training for a Marathon
Cons of Training for a Marathon
It is an accomplishmentIt takes a lot of time
You will get into better shapeIt can be hard on your body 
Creates more motivation to exerciseOther responsibilities may get placed on the back burner
More opportunities to enjoy the outdoorsIt is hard
Allows you to get outsideRequires a lot of planning
Could be the motivation you need to wake up earlierIt can be monotonous 
Provides time to enjoy yourselfIt can be hard to find routes to meet your needs

Ever since high school, I have had a goal to run a marathon. After having a marathon (I signed up for) canceled in 2020 and having a baby in 2021, my goal is finally taking shape. I decided that 2022 is my year to run a marathon. I have been steadily training for nearly two months and have a little less than two months until the race.  I understand that there are hundreds of training guides for a marathon. Regardless of your choice, it will have at least one thing in common with other training suggestions; you will run tons of miles. 

Pros of Training for a Marathon

  1. It is an accomplishment. Preparing for a marathon takes dedication. You will be putting in an absurd amount of miles for weeks. If that isn't an accomplishment, I don't know what is. 
  2. You will get into better shape. This is kind of a given when you are exercising so much. 
  3. You have the motivation to exercise. Getting back into shape after pregnancy was daunting. Running had become so exhausting and discouraging. Signing up for a marathon provided me with otherwise limited motivation. Going on a run no longer feels like a choice but a necessity. 
  4. It is a great way to bond with people. Recently I have met and hung out with more people through running. I often am setting up a time to run with other people.
  5. Getting ready for a marathon allows you to get outside. My little girl and I love being outdoors. However, life seems to happen, and it is easy to get stuck inside. Training for a marathon allows one to go out of the house. Nearly every morning, my daughter and I get a lot of needed fresh air to start our day.
  6. It is motivation to wake up earlier.  I hate running in the heat and procrastinating runs. Therefore running helps me wake up and get in my miles before the sun takes vengeance. 
  7. Provides a great time to enjoy yourself. I love listening to a good book as I run. This makes me look forward to my runs, as I can enjoy a good book while being in nature. 

Cons of Training for a Marathon

  1. It takes a lot of time. How long does it take you to run 5 miles? How about 10 miles? 15 miles? You will soon find that running will take a large chunk of your day.
  2. It can be hard on your body. Preparing for a marathon can be hard on your knees, calves, feet, hips, shins, and much more. Although you will get into better shape, you may find yourself causing damage to your body. 
  3. Other responsibilities may get placed on the back burner. When your time is limited, something has to budge. Since starting to train for the marathon, it has been harder to keep the house clean, my to-do list never seems complete, and much of my free time is devoted to running. 
  4. It is hard! No one can dispute this fact. 
  5. Requires A LOT of planning!  Are you out of town for the week? Where and when are you going to run? Do you need your spouse to watch the child while you run? Have you planned that out?
  6. It can be monotonous. Running for long stretches can become boring and stressful!
  7. It can be hard to find routes to meet your needs.  I find myself running the same stretch over and over again. Where I run doesn't vary due to stop lights, safety, time, sidewalks, and avoiding as many crazy driver a possible. 

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- Pros and Cons Team Written by: Kristen  

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