06 May
Pros of Signing up and Running a 5KCons of Signing up and Running a 5K
Helps motivate to get in shape/stay in shape
Cost money
It is a race almost anyone can work up toTakes time to train
Helps support worthy causesYou will get sweaty 
Fun to run with peopleInjury can occur
Easier to train for then other distance racesCan take time to work up to
Helps create a healthy life styleRunning with others can feel overwhelming

My love for running began around 11 years old. My mom took us to our elementary school's dirt track, and there I ran laps because I wanted to. In my Sophomore year of high school, I joined the cross-country team and ran varsity for the following three years. I have raced dozens of 5ks and ran hundreds of miles. My running career didn't end after high school, as I continued running and signing up for races. From these experiences, I compile my list. 

Pros of Signing Up and Running a 5K

  1. 5k races are a great way to motivate you to get in shape and stay in shape. Are you tired of your new year, weight loss goals failing? Don't just get a gym pass; sign up for a 5k. The ever lurking fact that you will run a race can be just the right amount of motivation to get you to work out. 
  2. It is a race almost anyone can work up to. With training, almost anyone can run a 5k. Don't believe me? Try it, and prove yourself wrong. 
  3. Many 5k races support a worthy cause.  I have run races for all sorts of worthy causes. Find a worthy cause that you want to get behind, and likely you can find a race that supports that cause. 
  4. It is fun to run with people. I love running with people! Often you will find runners cheering you on as you pass them or as they pass you. Do you need a running buddy? A 5k race is a perfect place to find one?
  5. Easier to find time to train for a 5k than almost any other distance race.  Of course, this will depend on your pace, but many people can put in less than 40 minutes per day and feel good about race day.
  6. Running is a great way to create a healthy life. Physical and mental health is a blessing, and running is a great way to hold on to that blessing. Running has helped me in both aspects of my life. 

Cons of Signing up and Running a 5K

  1. 5K races usually cost money. You can expect to pay anywhere from$10-$35/race. 
  2. It takes time to train for a 5k. Not only should you be exercising almost every day, but you also need to plan when you will get ready. 
  3. To prevent injury, one needs to work up to run 3.1 miles.  If you have run for a while, it will take time to work up to running a 5k. Too many people think that because they ran a 5k in high school, they can pick up where they left off. This mindset leads too many people to injure themselves. 
  4. You will most likely get sweaty. I stink so bad after a run! 
  5. Injury can occur. Running can be hard on shins, knees, hips, and more. Although running is a great way to stay healthy, other forms of exercise are a lot more gentle on your body.
  6. Running with a group of people can be overwhelming. My stomach always seems to find its way to my throat before a race. If you are a competitive person, a race can be stressful. If you are a super slow person, a race can be stressful. If you have never run a race, a race can be stressful. Hint: If you want a laid-back, low-stress race try a color run, bubble run, or dirty dash. 

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Written by: Kristen

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