01 Jun
Pros of Running with Other People
Cons of Running with Other People
Helps increase motivationCan push you too hard or too little
Great excuse to meet up with friendsRunning is valuable alone time
Receive support for your physical goalsTakes more time
Helps you become a better runnerCan be stressful
Running with others is provides more safety Friends sometimes bail

This morning was one of those times that I LOVED  running! At approximately 8:30 a.m. I started today running 5.6 miles with a friend. The rain had fallen last night and had left everything feeling new. Our conversation was enjoyable as I pushed the baby stroller over bridges and onto the paved path. Although I occasionally run with others, this has ceased being the norm since high school. This experience has left me thinking, what are the pros and cons of running with others?


Pros of Running with Other People

  1. Having a running buddy helps motivation increase.  I felt tense during the first mile of the morning run. If I had been alone, I would have run no more the three miles. Lucky for me, I was with a friend who pushed me to run 5.6 miles. 
  2. Running with a friend makes it harder to back out of exercise. There are mornings I drag my feet about going on a run. I have a whole list of excuses not to go. However, when I have scheduled to run with a friend, I am obligated to run. 
  3. Running provides a great time to catch up with friends. Life is crazy, and I often struggle to find time to stay in touch with others. Running is perfect for this. I want to run daily anyways; why not invite a friend to tag along. 
  4. If you hate running, a friend can help make it an enjoyable experience. Friends make everything better!
  5. Having someone to run with provides support to reach your physical goals. During high school, I completed a running program that required runners to run X amount of miles every day during the summer(excluding Sundays). My older sister jumped on board with me, and we were able to succeed. It would have been so hard without her.
  6. Friends can push you to become a better runner. It is easier to get a better workout when being helped by a mentor. 
  7. The buddy system is a great way to provide safety. Two people are always safer than one. I am much more likely to run in secluded areas with a friend.  

Cons of Running with Other People

  1. Running with others can push you too hard or too little. It can be hard to find friends that run at the same pace. Either the faster runner slows down and gets a mediocre workout, or the slower runner pushes too hard and is injured.
  2. Running with others takes away the ability to think through life. I sometimes need time to think, and often running provides that time. It can be hard to run with others while thinking through life's challenges, goals, or failures.
  3. It can be harder to run after a friend decides not to come. You turn over in bed to turn off your alarm. The bed is so comfortable, and you don't want to leave, but you are going running with a friend. Your phone buzzes, and your friend texts, "Had a rough night. Can't come today. Sorry!" Are you going to leave the bed to go on a run?
  4. Running with a friend usually takes more time. When running with a friend, there often is a commute involved for one of the parties. After the run, you may find yourself continuing a conversation of grabbing a bite to eat. Running with others will add more time to your typical workout. 
  5. It can be stressful. Have you ever felt like you are slowing down your running buddy?  Have you ever felt like you needed to stop and walk when your friend doesn't? These situation can be stressful! 

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Written by: Kristen 

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