03 Nov
Pros of Running on a Treadmill vs. Outside
Cons of Running on a Treadmill vs. Outside
Aren't exposed to the elementsIt is expensive
Treadmills help you keep paceIt is repetitive 
Treadmills make running easier  when you have kidsYou miss the fresh air

I will never forget the look on my coach’s face when I ran five miles with the cross-country team at my first practice. Frankly, I was so scared of getting lost that I had no choice but to stay with the other runners. It was that day that I fell in love with the feeling I got when running. I decided to quit soccer and run on the cross country team for the next three years of High School. I ran hundreds of miles outside throughout my high school career but often found myself wishing I could run on a treadmill. After two years of racing, I paid for a gym pass to help me stay in better shape during the winter. Thus I gained my first, of much, exposure to treadmills.

Pros of Running on a Treadmill Vs. Outside

  1. Do not have to face unpredictable weather. I love running in the rain if you change that to dusty wind, freezing temperatures, hailstorms, black ice, lightning, sweltering heat, and I am not as thrilled.  
  2. There is no need to worry about dogs. There are many unpredictable dogs, and unpredictable dogs hate runners. There were several times I would have to stop running as a dog bolted at me. I love how I do not have to worry about dogs on my treadmill. 
  3. Treadmills can help you keep pace. While running the mile my pace always slowed on the third lap around the track. Running on a treadmill allows a runner to keep a set pace. My best mile time has been on a treadmill. 
  4. Treadmills make running easier with children.  I remember tending in the early mornings for a lady who was training for a half marathon. She mentioned to me how she wished she had a treadmill. With a treadmill, you can run (without a babysitter) when it works for your schedule. 
  5. You get to pick your terrain. My hometown had no hills to run on. This fact made it hard to condition for races. Treadmills allow you hills to run on, regardless of how flat the terrain is in your location. 

Cons of Running on a Treadmill vs. Outside

  1. It is expensive. Let us face it treadmills are pricey.
  2. It is repetitive. Running on a treadmill can feel like you are in a hamster wheel. It does not help that you can watch your exact distance slowly tick by.
  3. You miss the fresh air. There is something about being outside that adds more of a thrill to running. I love feeling a gentle breeze, people watching, and simply being out in nature which does not happen on a treadmill.

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Written By: Kristen 

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