30 Sep
Pros of Running a Marathon
Cons of Running a Marathon
It is a great accomplishmentIt is hard
Helps you get into better shapeYou will be sore
 A marathon teaches you that you can do hard thingsYou can get injured
It can encourage others to start runningMarathons start early
It can be so much funThey are expensive
You can meet a lot of great peopleYou don't get to choose the weather

I ran my first Marathon and lived to tell about it! I ran the whole way and came in under four hours. Running 26.2 miles was a goal I made eight years ago, and I finally accomplished it!

Pros of Running a Marathon

  1. It is a great accomplishment! It doesn't matter how fast you run it; the fact is you ran a marathon! 
  2. Training for a Marathon, helps you get into better shape. I used a marathon as motivation to get back into shape after having my first baby, and it worked! 
  3. It teaches you that you can do hard things.  We often forget that we can do hard things; a marathon is a perfect reminder. 
  4. It can encourage others to start running. My husband is sporty but doesn't run just to run. After the race, he mentioned that he would possibly train and run a half marathon with me. 
  5. It can be so much fun! I had so much fun for the first 17 miles of my race. I decided to run without headphones and enjoyed chatting with several runners around me. 
  6. You can meet a lot of great people. I met so many incredible people! Also, people tend to bond with people experiencing the same hard thing that they are experiencing.

Cons of Running a Marathon

  1. It is hard. There is no sugar coating it, a Marathon is mentally and physically exhausting. 
  2. You will be so sore! I hobbled around for two days after my race. 
  3. Marathon running can cause injury. Running is hard on knees, feet, shins, and much more. 
  4. Marathons start early. The starting gun went off at 7:10 a.m. which isn't too bad. However, you may need to catch a shuttle to the starting line, you need to eat breakfast, and you should be early. 
  5. Marathons are expensive.  Money was the biggest factor that prevented me from running a marathon sooner. 
  6. You don't decide the weather. You may run in a snow storm, blistering heat, or wind and you don't have much say. 

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Written by: Kristen  

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