17 Feb
Pros of Dyeing Your Hair with Box Dye
Cons of Dyeing Your Hair with Box Dye
Box dye is cheapHair can dry out and get damaged
So many options to choose fromThe color on the box may not always be the color that your hair turns
Dyeing hair can be done from the comfort of your homeSome dyes come out really strong and others come out really weak
You are in chargeHighlights are really hard when you do it by yourself
You can be creative with the colorsDIY dyes fade quicker 
The conditioner in the box dye smells so goodYour hair will react differently to every brand

Have you always wanted black hair, red hair, pink hair? With so many options for changing your hair color, you don’t have to wish anymore. My mom never dyed her hair, so I never did until; I left home. It was fun experimenting with different colors of red and blond highlights in my hair.

With the expense of paying for my hair to be highlighted, I decided to try it at home. Through this experience, I can honestly tell you the pros and cons of dying your hair out of a box.

Pros of Dyeing Your Hair with Box Dye

  1. Box dye is cheap! You can buy ten boxes of die for the price of one highlighting at a Salon.
  2. There are so many color options at the store. And go across the street to the next store, and you have an extra 10 or 15 colors. What color of blonde do you want to be this time?
  3. You can do it in the comfort of your home. It is kind of fun to start your hair and sit down to watch a show for a while. No, judgment when you are in sweats and an old T-shirt. 
  4. You are in charge. Do you like doing things exactly how you want them? It is nice to color your hair the way you want it instead of how someone does it. How red is too red? That’s totally up to you!
  5. After finishing your hair with a box dye, you can completely jump in the shower. At a salon, your hair is the only thing that gets washed. Sometimes it feels nice to start 100% clean at home.
  6. You can be creative with the colors. I often highlight a ton on the top and very little on the bottom. A hairstylist goes to school and learns how everyone should have their hair done. If you are someone that likes to be different. Dying your hair by yourself can be a way to stand out.
  7. The conditioner in the boxing dye smells so good. Maybe it is just me, but that is one of my favorite things about box dye. Haha, salons have nice smelling stuff too. But you can usually use conditioner from the boxing day for a day or two extra.

Cons of Dyeing Your Hair with Box Dye

  1. Your hair can dry out and get damaged. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s better. If you dye your hair once a month. Plan on damaged, dry hair!
  2. What the box says the color will be isn’t necessarily the color it’ll turn out. After I bought a pretty blonde, it ended up turning a reddish-orange.
  3. Some dyes can be strong and others extremely weak. My husband who has black hair jokingly said I should put some of my blond dye in his hair. To his astonishment, his hair turned a terrible color that should not have worked on someone with that dark of hair. Other times I have chosen box days that do nothing for me.
  4. It’s hard to get highlights perfect when you’re doing it yourself. It is hard enough to dye your hair on your own doing highlights by yourself is near impossible. Imagine trying to drive using the rearview mirror only. That is what it feels like when doing intricate things with the.
  5. The dye tends to fade quicker than if you were to go in and get your hair done. After only a few time washing, your hair shade is at least three times different than when you started. Oops, is that gray showing through?
  6. With all of the great brands and dying options, your hair will react differently to one better than the other. It may take a couple of tries before you find the right brand of dye for your hair. There goes the money you would have saved on box dye.

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Written by: Sarah 

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