31 Aug
Pros of a Running Stroller
Cons of a Running Stroller
Your can exercise while watching your childThey cost a lot of money
They are easier to push on grass and rough terrainThey get more complicated the more children you have
You get an automatic strength workout while you runMany running strollers will rarely be used
Running strollers provide a place to store your belongingsIt is harder to get the pace you want
Easy to set up and compactThey are bulky

I knew I wanted a running stroller and was therefore ecstatic when I found one for free on Facebook Marketplace. Since getting the stroller, it has held my daughter on many walks and around 300 miles worth of runs. As it has accompanied me on so many hours of exercise, I thought it only fair to compile a list of the pros and cons of a running stroller. 

Pros of a Running Stroller 

  1. You can exercise while watching your child.  Exercising while watching a child is rough! I ran on the treadmill when I was a new mom but only would get a mile before my child was not happy. Then I tried nap times but found that this left me little time to accomplish other necessary tasks. At last, I began using the stroller and got good consistent workouts. 
  2. They are easier to push on grass and rough terrain. Once while going to a playground with a friend, I watched as she struggled to get her non-running stroller through the grass. It was a battle! Running strollers aren't perfect, but they do better than regular strollers when the terrain isn't even. 
  3. You get an automatic strength workout while you run. Running with a stroller gives you a workout!!! You are pushing a heavy stroller plus your child; what else do you suspect?
  4. Running strollers provide a place to store your belongings. When out for a run, I hate packing my phone, keys, and pepper spray. A running stroller provides plenty of space for necessities! Note: My running stroller has 4 cup holders! You can pack as many liquids as you you need to stay hydrated. 
  5. Easy to set up and compact.  I can set up and compact the stroller within seconds! 

Cons of a Running Stroller

  1. They cost a lot of money. On Amazon, you could pay anywhere from $135-$699 (for a stroller that carries one child). That is so much money!
  2. When you have more than one child, things get complex. Everything about running strollers gets more complicated with additional children. The price of two-seater strollers is higher. The stroller is heavier, and you will get an even harder workout!
  3. Many running strollers get used only a handful of times. I have yet to meet someone who loves running more when pushing a stroller. Many people spend tons of money on a stroller, only to use it for a handful of runs. 
  4. It can be discouraging when you are trying to get a specific pace. When running with a stroller, you will be slower. When my husband is on baby duty I am shocked at how much faster I can run. 
  5. They are bulky. If you are short of storage space, this will contribute to your problem. If you have a small car, it will be a tight squeeze. 

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                                             Written by: Kristen  

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