01 Jan

I recently decided to go to work at night when my husband got home, with very few options in our town, I chose a cute hamburger joint about a mile down the road. I have never worked in fast food, so it has been a fun experience to learn to appreciate every fast food place that I have eaten at.

Pros of Working at a Fast Food Restaurant
Cons of Working at a Fast Food Restaurant
Easy Job to LearnLots of Drama
Meet lots of different PeopleTemptations of Eating Fast Food all of the Time
Good Money Dirty work environment
Become a Better PersonBeing Treated badly

Pros of Working at a Fast Food Restaurant

  1. Fast food is an easy job to pick up with very little needed skill required. If you can clean, talk, and follow directions. You can do it! I am not saying this to downgrade all of the hard work that goes into fast food, but I am saying that with basic skills you can be successful!
  2. So many people work fast food that you are bound to find good friends. I started my first few days not knowing if I would make close friends, but by day four I had made some lifelong friends.
  3. Fast food usually pays pretty well. No, it isn't a job that you will make millions on, but it is something you can live off of if you are careful with your money. Especially if you are in high school and are just supporting yourself.
  4. You push yourself to become better. I think of myself as more of a leader than a follower. In fast food, I have had to change my mindset a little and become more of a follower. It has been humbling.

Cons of Working at a Fast Food Restaurant

  1. Fast food restaurants mainly consist of high schoolers, high school dropouts, and moms. I am not sure if you normally mesh with these kinds of people, but there can be a lot of drama. Let's be honest what job doesn't have drama?
  2. It is not hard not to eat a lot of fast food if you are around it all of the time! I don't think I have ever been more tempted to buy fast food.
  3. You start to realize how gross fast food places are. Most businesses try, and keep their kitchens clean but ultimately it is impossible. To see just how black the floor is and how many things you touch that probably have not been cleaned in years is kind of nasty.
  4. The management can be extremely strict! Because the owners and managers are used to working with high school-aged kids they are used to treating everyone as if they are stupid and irresponsible. Not that all high schoolers are stupid, but you get that vibe from management. 

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 - Pros and Cons Team

Written By: Sarah

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