19 Jan
Pros of Learning How to Cook Gluten-Free
Cons of Learning How to Cook Gluten-Free
Your skills with normal flour will improveIt isn't convenient
Bragging rightsLess likely to turn out
Fewer limitations, when it comes to foodIt is intimidating
A lot CheaperIt may taste better store bought

My husband is gluten intolerant, which pushed me to learn the skill of gluten-free cooking. I have made gluten-free cookies, biscuits, bread, cake, pie, cornbread, pizza, pancakes, gluten-free flour, and much more. Learning to cook gluten-free is a great skill, which many people are afraid to attempt learning. I've written my list to inform you of the pros and cons of learning to cook gluten-free. 

Pros of Learning How to Cook Gluten-Free

  1. Your skills with using flour will improve. If you choose to learn the art of baking gluten-free, you will become a better non-gluten-free baker. I made a pie with flour, and it was so easy! 
  2. Bragging rights! Yes I made that from scratch, and yes it is gluten free!
  3. Learning to cook Gluten-Free leads to fewer limitations. My sister-in-law made my husband gluten-free cinnamon rolls! My husband hasn't had a cinnamon roll in years. Her gluten-free cooking broke through some of the limitations of being gluten intolerant.
  4. It saves a lot of money. It is often tempting to buy the gluten-free loaf of bread from Walmart, but don't! The cheapest Schar gluten free loaf $4.87 at my local Walmart, which is outrageous! Homemade gluten-free bread costs me $2.89. Hint: There are many recipes to make gluten-free flour. If you live near a Winco, you can get many of these ingredients for low prices. By using your own mixed flour, you will save big. 

How much does homemade gluten-free bread cost?

IngredientsQuantity in RecipeCostCost of What I used
Bob's Red Mill GF Flour2 1/2 Cups18.9 ¢/oz.$2.08
Baking Powder1 teaspoon13.8 ¢/oz.2.3 ¢
Yeast2 1/4 teaspoons31 ¢/oz.7.7 ¢
Olive oil1/4 Cup14.8 ¢/oz.27.8 ¢
Sugar1/4 Cup3.2 ¢/oz.5.6 ¢
Apple Cider Vinegar1 teaspoon3.4 ¢/oz..6 ¢
Water1 1/2 cupsmore or less free:)more or less free:)
Egg Whites 312 ¢/egg36 ¢
Salt1 teaspoon4.3¢/oz.1.3 ¢


Cons of Learning How to Cook Gluten-Free

  1. It isn't as convenient. Gluten-Free cooking takes planning. Did you know that soy sauce has gluten? Did you know Campbell's tomato soup has gluten? To cook gluten-free meals, you need to plan ahead.
  2. Gluten-Free food is less likely to turn out. It is a trial and error process. I have made many disgusting gluten-free dishes in my time. You could spend hours in the kitchen for food that will end in the trash. 
  3. It is intimidating. The thought of making gluten-free cinnamon rolls is overwhelming to me. Let's face it, it could be a lot of work for something disgusting. 
  4. Buying it may just taste better. I wanted to stretch myself and make gluten-free homemade noodles. Let's just say, NEVER AGAIN! Gluten-free store noodles are 1000 times better.
  5. It takes time to learn. This is not a skill that can be picked up overnight. Plan on several weeks, months, years of consistent effort. 

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Written By: Kristen 

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