19 Jan
Pros of Cooking and Freezing Meat
Cons of Cooking and Freezing Meat
Makes for an easy mealMakes more time upfront
This method is a huge time saveIt take up valuable space in your freezer
It can save tons of moneyIt can get freezer burns

After becoming a mom, I needed quick and affordable meals. I soon learned that cooking my frozen meat was often too time-consuming.  I began to precook my extra meat and then freeze it. Preparing the meat this way had many benefits and a few drawbacks. 

Pros of Precooking and Freezing Meat

  1. Precooked and freezing meat makes for an easy mealOver this past month, I have used my frozen ground beef to make shepherd's pie, tacos, and lasagna. By having the precooked beef, these meals were insanely easy.
  2. This method is a huge time saver. Rather than defrosting and cooking ground beef, I only need to defrost. Instead of dirtying a pan to cook the meat, I can throw it into my main course. Try it, and you will be amazed at how much time you save!
  3. Freezing meat can save tons of money. By shopping for meat on sale, you can continue to enjoy the sale by freezing the meat.

Cons of Precooking and Freezer Meats

  1. This method takes more time upfront. I used one of my baby's naps to cook up 10 lbs. of ground beef (and we all know how valuable nap time is).
  2. It takes up valuable space in your freezer. Freezer space is hard to come by. Do you think having extra pre-cooked meat is worth it?
  3. It can get freezer burnt! Make sure to package properly and to rotate your meat. No one likes freezer burnt meat.

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Written By: Kristen 

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