12 Dec

It's getting closer to that time of year when traditions are started or revisited. From Christmas caroling, hot chocolate, lights, and ugly sweaters, there are never-ending traditions. Throughout the past six months, my family has begun multiple traditions that have changed our lives. What are the pros and cons of some of these traditions and traditions in general?

Pros of TraditionsCons of Traditions
Memories madeGet out of hand
Something to look forward toHard to set money limits
Big or small traditions make an impact for goodKids can get tired of them
Generations will followCan turn bad

Pros of traditions:

  1. The memories made with the traditions will last for generations. I remember being asked in elementary school what traditions our families had. Almost every student raised their hand and said they got Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. I suddenly realized that this tradition wasn't just in my family but started probably at least one generation back, if not two, and from there, it just caught on.
  2. Do you ever feel like you are moving through life but moving for no reason? Traditions will lighten your life with beams of happiness. December may become dull without the festivities that surround the holidays.
  3.  Traditions are something to look forward to. Traditions can be started at any moment, any day, and any week you want. A few months ago, I read a book where the author suggested having a family dinner once a week. I said to myself, "Oh yeah? Well, everyone has a Sunday dinner." Then she said to have it during the week. This changed our family Dinners. Every Wednesday, we get together with Pinterest recipes. I've never made. Then we tell jokes, perform music, ask questions, read and memorize scriptures, and tell stories of things that have happened throughout the week. This once-a-week tradition has made an enormous impact! Sometimes, my little ones will ask me when the next family dinner is the morning that follows family dinner. I am glad it is not every day! It may become casual and boring because it is just once a week we all look forward to it.
  4. Traditions can be big or small. I remember my second-grade teacher talking about their weekly pizza Fridays. Each family member took turns deciding which kind of pizza they would buy that week. That is a reasonably small tradition that she looked forward to a lot. 

Cons of traditions:

  1. It can become more of a requirement than something enjoyable. I remember dating a man whose family was so into the traditions that if you missed one of their family parties, it felt like you had been disowned. What is the reason behind your tradition?
  2. Traditions can be stressful. For making sure everything is perfect for Christmas, to chocolates and roses for Valentine's Day, are you remembering why traditions are made or just getting caught up in trying to keep up?
  3. Kids can become tired of traditions. After going to six or seven Christmas parties in December and having to perform a talent at each one, I was exhausted! I began to rebel whenever my mom would ask me to perform a skill. Are traditions more draining on your family or bringing them closer together?
  4. Traditions can be expensive if you don't watch yourself. A trip to Europe every year sounds like a fun tradition. Is this realistic? Traditions can be out of this world expensive. Don't let it be!
  5. Traditions can turn into bad things. Enough said. :)

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- Pros and Cons Team

Written By: Sarah

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