28 Feb
Pros of Singing to Your Children
Cons of Singing to Your Children
Songs help children learnYou may be requested to sing the same song a million times
It is fun to hear children sing alongYou may have an awful voice 
Great way to interact with toddlersKids songs are often annoying 
Leaves long lasting memoriesYou may have to relearn songs

Many people that I love have left me fond memories through singing. My dad sang bedtime songs. My mom sang with us on long car trips. My grandma sang to us about that little old house in the middle of the woods. My tone def grandpa sang "Three French Hens" in the Twelve Days of Christmas. While raising my little girl, I began to see the pros and cons of singing.

Pros of Singing to Your Children

  1. It leaves long-lasting memories.  My older sister taught me the song, "Oh Princess Pat."  Each night she would teach us a little more of the lyrics and tell us the story of the remarkable princess. This is a priceless memory that I cherish. 
  2. Songs help children learn. Music allows children to commit things to memory. My 5th-grade teacher used this tool to teach us about the continents and oceans. It also can help children learn valuable lessons such as manners, sharing, saying nice things, and telling the truth. 
  3. It is so fun to hear children sing along. My little girl loves "I am a Child of God". I sing it to her many times every day. She mumbles along with me and adds in the words she knows. It is so cute!
  4. It is a great way to interact with toddlers.  You and your child will have so much fun. 
  5. It introduces music at a young age. Music is a powerful tool and can have a lasting impact on a child's life. 

Cons of Singing to Your Children

  1. Your children may request you to sing the same song a million times. Are you done with "Five Little Monkeys" who kept jumping on the bed? Can you sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" when you are unhappy with the song? Did your kids learn about the song that never ends?
  2. You may have an awful voice. Singing isn't everyone's passion, and some of us for a good reason. 
  3. Kids' songs are often annoying.  It doesn't take long before most of the songs sound the same. 
  4. You may have to relearn or learn songs that your child will like.  When my little girl was born, I retaught myself many lyrics. As a parent, you can lack time to do this. 

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Written by: Kristen   

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