06 Apr
Pros of Screen Time For Kids
Cons of Screen Time For Kids
YOU Time
Grumpy Kids
You don't have to pay for a babysitterTerrible Habits formed
Easier to Entertain during road tripsNo Imagination when kids are in-front of a screen
Family Memories are madeNever Grow up
Screens are everywhere kids need to learn how to use themLittle parent child connection

Have you ever noticed that your child goes ballistic when you turn off the TV or take away an iPad?

I first saw this happen with my older brother when my parents started limiting his screen time. He was usually a chill person, but after coming home from my cousin's house, where he played video games all day, he came home a beast.

With my kids, I have noticed that every time I turn off the show they're watching, they have meltdowns when they usually aren't that naughty. What do screens do to us? What are the pros and cons of screen time?

Pros of Screen Time For Kids

  1.  Do you need alone time from your kids? Screen time serves as the best babysitter! You don't even need to pay an hourly rate. You need to push a button, and your children will be enthralled for hours.
  2. Different shows and games can teach children to read, spell, and count. There are so many other things that a video game can teach or child that you might need more time to do.
  3. Long car trips can be stressful! Pass back an iPad or phone, and you won't hear anything from the backseat for hours.
  4. Watching a movie together as a family can create great memories! I remember setting up a tent in our living room with our little girl and watching Emperor's New Groove. She will never forget that moment!
  5. Let's be honest our world is full of screens we need to teach our kids how to use them. Do you want to teach them how to use screens responsibly? Where else will they learn besides from you?
  6. If your child is bored, the screen will give him hours of entertainment without complaints. That is a win-win situation.

Cons of Screen Time For Kids

  1. You are allowing human interaction to be replaced by a small rectangle that lights up.Sad!
  2. As mentioned before, anyone with too much screen time can get grumpy! Do you want them happy now or later? Or you can have them happy forever by having the screen always in front of them. So one thing leads to another.
  3. A lot of problems happen because of abuse of screen time. Are your kids watching super violent things? Have your kids gotten into pornography? I walked past one of the kid's shows and heard the story's moral, and I disagreed with what they were teaching. I am much more aware of what I will let my kids watch.
  4. There's so much screen time and no time to connect with your kids. Do you know what your kids are thinking? Have you tried talking to them?
  5. Your kids start trusting their friends on shows more than they will you. Who do they look up to? Who do you want them to look up to?
  6. Imagination goes out the window when the screen comes on. Yes, there are games, different coloring apps, and all of that jazz, but are they learning about the world around them? When was the last time they played outside?
  7. When a child grows into a teenager, do they think their life will be a game or screen? Will it be a rude awakening, or will your child live in your basement for the rest of their life?

"Our goal is to help the world make decisions with a list of Pros and Cons. We invite all to add to our lists to help others make the most educated decision possible. We are all in this world together to help each other and learn from what others have learned from their lives journey."

- Pros and Cons Team

Written By: Sarah

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