15 Jan
Pros of Reading with Your Child
Cons of Reading with Your Child
Your child will pick up new thingsIt takes time
Helps increase your child's vocabularyYou will be asked to read the same book 50 times
Your reading skills will improveYour child may not like the books you like
Creates bonding momentsBooks cost money
Increases imaginationYou may struggle with reading
Can help children learning a second languageYour child may not sit long enough for you to finish a book

Growing up, I dreaded reading because I was terrible at it. With a big family and lots of needs, reading books was a rare commodity. Now having kids of my own I have tried to read to them. But it can be time-consuming. What are the Pros and Cons of reading to your kids?

Pros of Reading with Your Child

  1. Every time you read to your child they, are picking up new things. It blows my mind when I have read a book for the 20th time in a month, and my little girl still asks different questions about the story or pictures.
  2. Your child's vocabulary will increase dramatically. For a while, it got busy, so I didn't have time to read a ton to my little boy. When it slowed down, I started reading to him more. He started saying about 150 new words. It was fun to see the difference! 
  3. Your reading skills will improve. I could barely read when I first had our oldest, and now I can get through most kid's books without stumbling over words. 
  4. You and your child will have good bonding moments. A book, blanket, and snacks that is called perfect!
  5. Both you and your child's imagination will increase. Some of the picture books I read to my kids get me thinking for a few hours. I wonder if: I were in the book, how it would be and what I would do. Reading is an optimal time to stop "adulting."
  6. You don't have to be perfect at it. When I first started reading to our oldest, I could barely read 3/4's or the words. Now I am almost able to read 100% of picture books without stumbling across words.
  7. If you happen to speak more than one language, you can read to your child while teaching them that language. You will improve your speech. Nothing is better than practicing out loud.

Cons of Reading with Your Child

  1. Like everything, it will take time. There are a million things to do every day. Reading is just one more to throw into the mix.
  2. You can get tired of reading the same book for the 50th time. I have a handful of books that I paraphrase because I am past tired of reading them. 
  3. Some books you like and your child doesn't. It is sometimes hard to find stories that both my kids and I enjoy reading. But when it happens, it is fun to look through the pictures together and talk about the story.
  4. Books cost money. There are libraries and thrift stores that you can get books for cheap. If you are thinking of going to a classy book store, plan on spending a lot of money!
  5. You may not be very good at reading. It is hard to admit that you struggle with something that a lot of people can do perfectly!
  6. Your child won't sit still long enough to read a story. Moms feel like it is pointless to read to your toddler if they are running around. I would have to disagree. Last winter, the kids and I would be inside all day. It was fun to read stories out loud while the kids were playing. Randomly Adalee would ask me questions about the story when I thought she wasn't listening. They listen even when you don't think they are!

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Written By: Sarah 

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