16 Feb
Pros of Printing Photos
Cons of Printing Photos
Restores storage space on your phoneIt takes time to print them out
No need to pay for extra storage spaceYou need a place to store them
More people can enjoy printed photosPhoto albums can be expensive
Physical copies are harder to permanently loosePhotos aren't fire proof
Printed photos seem to hold more valueAfter submitting your order it can take awhile to receive your photos
Printed photos make a great gift for grandparentsIt costs money to print photos
It is so fun to have the physical copiesThe Quality isn't always as good as the digital version

Sitting in my grandparent's home, I noticed a large stack of photo albums in the corner. The albums probably hadn't been touched for years. As a minimalist, the thought of storing hundreds of photos for the rest of my life was out of the question. Or so I thought.

After taking thousands of photos on my phone, I decided to try it out the old-fashioned way. What are the pros and cons of having a physical copy of your photos?

Pros of Printing Photos

  1. You can restores storage space on your phone. Do you know people who have so many photos stored on their phones that nothing else can fit? Yea, I have been there!
  2. You don't have to pay for the extra storage space. Month after month of paying for extra space adds up! Think of the number of photos you could print using that money.
  3. More people can see printed photos. Memories of us looking at pictures as a family altogether; are priceless. It is harder to look at pictures in a group when using your phone.
  4. Physical copies of photos are harder to lose. While updating my phone, I did not have my photos saved to my storage cloud. I lost all of the pictures I had taken of my little boy. It was heartbreaking to realize his first year of life was gone.
  5. My kids love looking at the physical copies of photos on the walls. Daily my little four-year-old will ask about different pictures from the past. She gets excited to see herself and her brother.
  6. It is like Christmas when printing out photos. It might be just me, but I love physically holding them. It’s fun to look back on memories while physically holding a copy.
  7. Grandparents enjoy physical copies of photos more than a picture over text. Every holiday I try sending a photo of the kids to the grandparents. They get a lot more excited about Valentine Day photos than random text throughout the week.
  8. There are so many options for printing your photos. You can do matte or gloss finish on mugs, large canvases, or blocks. You choose!
  9. Printed photos have a lot more value. Imagine having the only picture of a very famous person. You can make a lot of money this way. By printing your photos and deleting them off your phone, your memories become priceless to you and your family members.

Cons of Printing Photos

  1. Do you have somewhere to store printed photos? With my husbands' school, we have to move all the time. It is a pain to pack up more things than we need. Once you print out the photos, you feel like you have to keep them.
  2. It takes time to go through the photos you want to print. Do you have a million pictures of the same thing? Now you have the job of picking the top two or three pictures to print. Good luck!
  3. If you like to save every photo you have ever taken, you could be spending a fortune. I only print out my favorite pictures. But I know people like my mom who love to print out almost every picture. This isn’t bad it just gets expensive.
  4. Your house could burn down. Goodbye to all your memories. Unless you have also saved all your pictures on your, phone they will go up in smoke. This would be the case with me.
  5. You also have to buy some photo albums. I know some cheapish photo albums hold that hold 600+ photos. But again, it takes time to fill them up and store them.
  6. When printing photos, you don't have them immediately. You can pay for the one-hour pick up which is nice, but you still have to wait. I guess being patient is a virtue.
  7. For some reason, photos look better on a screen than printed out. Do you like fuzzy photos? I guarantee some of them will turn out that way. 

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Written By: Sarah 

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