15 Apr
Pros of Paying your Kids to do Chores
Cons of Paying your Kids to do Chores
Easier to get your kids to do choresNo one will always be there to pay them to make their bed
Teaches kids money management skillsThey learn life is full of rewards
Your child can start saving youngThey have food and a place to live as payment
Your kids have a way to earn moneyLearn to separate work from home 
Your kids help with the cleaning (No need pay for professionals to come in)Children see the importance of looking for opportunities to serve others

While dating Kevin, one of the things we would disagree about is whether or not our kids would get paid for doing things around the house or not. We both had some good points, so I thought I would write them down.

Pros of Paying your Kids to do Chores

  1. It is easier to get your kids to do chores if they know that there will be a reward at the end. Is it a fight every time you try and get your kids to clean up their room or toys? Well, the secret is paying them to do it.
  2. You are teaching your child money management skills. As you pay your child, you are allowing them to budget money to meet their wants.
  3. Your child feels like they are bullied into chores when they don't get paid to do them. As my daughter always says, "It just isn't fair!" Are you forcing them to work without the proper pay?
  4. Your child can start saving up for things that they want because they have some income. Does your child "need" a new phone or game? Now it is up to them if they save up their money to buy it. They are responsible for saving up to reach goals. 
  5. If you give your child allowance or money for their chores, they can't always be asking for more money. "Hey Mom, can I have $20?" Would it be nice if you didn't hear that again? 
  6. You have a built-in house cleaner that costs a lot less than a professional would. Unless you pay your kids $30 an hour, you will be saving money. You have built-in maids! Disclaimer they probably won't do as good of a job, but they are still in training.

Cons of Paying your Kids to do Chores

  1. When they grow up, no one will pay them to make their bed! Do you want your adult children to have an unrealistic view of life? No one will be there throwing cash at them to keep their room clean.
  2. They learn that life is full of rewards. Life is beautiful, but I hate to break it to any adult raised to think they get a blue ribbon for doing everyday tasks.
  3.  They have food and a place to live as a payment. Don't they need to do their chores to keep the family unit strong? Shouldn't this be reward enough?
  4. They learn to separate work from home. If a parent is paying a child to do housework, then make money at a real job the, two worlds start to mesh together. 
  5. Children learn the importance of looking for opportunities to serve others. A home is a place where a child learns how to grow up and become a decent adult. From a struggling mom, an elderly man in need, or someone stranded. Should children be taught, they need to be rewarded, to reach out and help?

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Written By: Sarah 

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