12 Aug
Pros of Owning Chickens
Cons of Owning Chickens
Teach children to take responsibilityGrain is expensive
You can have fresh eggs and meatYou need space
Chickens create effective fertilizerChickens can smell nasty
Chickens can be fun petsYou may get pecked or attacked
Chickens are relatively inexpensive to purchaseChickens are prey
One can learn so much from watching chickensChickens are dirty

Growing up, we had up to 30 chickens at a time. I spent many hours fetching eggs, feeding, watering, and playing with our chickens. I love chickens but realize there are both pros and cons to raising them.

Pros of Owning Chickens

  1. Chickens teach children to take responsibility. Helping his children learn responsibility was my dad's main reason for getting chickens. The chickens needed water and food even if it was below freezing. We gathered the eggs even if we had to brave getting pecked. The chickens would die without us being responsible.  
  2. You can have fresh eggs and meat. Talk about being self-sufficient. 
  3. Chickens create effective fertilizer. After over a decade of owning chickens, my dad got rid of them. The following year we planted our garden where our chickens used to roam. Let me tell you, we never had a garden grow so well. When we went to the state fair that year, we were shocked to find that our corn stalk would have taken first prize had we thought to enter it. 
  4. Chickens can be fun petsI had my favorite chickens, and I would stroke them often. 
  5. Chickens are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Depending on the breed, chickens range between $2-$10 apiece. Note: Purchasing an incubator is also a good option. 
  6. Adults and children can learn so much from watching chickens. Have you ever watched a chick hatch? I have! Have you ever seen a chicken lay an egg? I have! Do you know chickens lay their eggs standing up? I do! 

Cons of Owning Chickens

  1. Grain is expensive. My dad got rid of the chickens for this reason. The cost to buy the feed was more than purchasing eggs. 
  2. You need space. Chickens need space! Especially when you have a large flock. 
  3. It can smell nasty. I grew to love the smell of the chicken coop. However, I know that I am an anomaly. 
  4. Roosters are so loud. Roosters love to crow at the crack of dawn. Some cities will not permit roosters due to this fact. Some neighbors may not appreciate the fact that you have a natural alarm clock. 
  5. You may get pecked or attacked. Being assaulted by a chicken is not as uncommon as petting zoos may want you to think. 
  6. Chickens are prey! I buried many chickens in my time. Once a raccoon killed several chickens within a short period. My favorite chicken died during this time , it was hard for a little girl to understand. I sobbed as my dad tried to explain. 
  7. Chickens are dirty. Chickens aren't what you could call clean between the poop, the smell, the dirt baths, and the feathers.

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