01 Nov
Pros of Making Meals at Home
Cons of Making Meals at Home
Home-cooked meals are often healthier
Takes time
You know what is in your foodMay not turn out as you would want
Provides a lot of varietyRequires more clean up
Costs lessMore groceries needed 
Can be as fancy or simple as you wantYou have to make something with that you have
Cooking can bring fulfillment and joyRestaurant food tastes so good

My wife and I love food. Haha, I think most people do. We make quite the pair too as I love to cook and my wife loves to bake. But on the other hand, we also love the convenience of having a meal prepared for us.  What are the pros and cons of making meals at home?

Pros of Making Meals at Home

  1. Home-cooked meals often tend to be healthier than eating out.  And no, contrary to popular belief, frozen foods that you pop into the oven/microwave do not count as a home-cooked meal!
  2. You can know what is in your food. As the Chef de Cuisine, you control what goes into each meal you make. When others prepare your food--say at a restaurant--they don't care what you eat as long as it tastes good and gets you to pay more.
  3. There is a lot of variety when you cook at home. You can literally have a different meal a day for a year and never run out of ideas! Pro-tip: try Pinterest ,your recipe catalog( just said thank you! ;) )
  4. It costs a lot less to make your food at home than to eat out. With meal prices rising quicker than steam from a potato, do your wallet a favor and make your own food.
  5. You can make it as fancy or simple as you want it. Sometimes a candlelight dinner is a lot of fun at home, and so is mac'n cheese with hot dogs.
  6. You are creating something that brings you fulfillment and joy. Taking pride in what you make can turn boring old dinner into the highlight of your day!

Cons of Making Meals at home

  1.  It takes time away from focusing on other things. We get it fast food became a thing for a reason! Time is precious and ordering something frees up a BUNCH of time. 
  2.  It might not turn out the way you hoped. Oh Pinterest, you were so kind to me earlier! Why did you have to go and crush my dreams! #pinterestfailsaremylife
  3.  You have to wash your own dishes. Again, not only more time and work, but eww gross!
  4.  You have to buy more groceries for ingredients. That shopping list of yours just added 40 lbs...
  5. You need to come up with something to make with what you have. Though it can be exhilarating to come up with new meals, it can also be daunting and difficult when the only things you can come up with are PB&Js.
  6.  Restaurant food just tastes SO GOOD! Don't let them know you think that, or they'll never let you cook again! 

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Written By: Kevin 

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