04 Mar
Pros of Having Kids Play Sports
Cons of Having Kids Play Sports
Wholesome competitionCost
Great exerciseCan become obsessive 
Provides a way to make friendIsn't always the best environment
Team-work skillsTime commitment 
Teaches hard work and dedicationInjuries happen

Lights flash on, feet hit the ground, the crowd starts cheering. This is it, this is your dream!! Or at least, it WAS your dream (which you now live vicariously through your kids.) Pros and Cons of letting your kids play sports? Let's go!

Pros of Having Kids Play Sports

  1. Participation ribbons!... Uhh, I mean... competition! Sports are one of the best ways to teach your kids about competing with others to accomplish a goal. Competition is a BIG part of life (I should know, I had to get into med school), what better way to prepare for it than by experience? 
  2. You guessed it, Exercise! Nuff said. 
  3. Making friends. The best friends I had growing up I met playing sports. Not only do your kids meet other kids, but they have a built-in common interest to bond over.
  4. Team-work skills. Even in solo sports like tennis or golf, you still work with coaches and others to improve your skills. ;)
  5. Playing sports can teach hard work and dedication. Plus, sports helps put these skills in the context of something your kids enjoy which makes it a double win! 
  6. And of course, the best reason is it is just funny when your kids are really little! Just google it, you'll see...

Cons of Having Kids Play Sports

  1. Kids, (or you) can become obsessed with the wrong things and put off important duties like school or family. 
  2. Cost. Yep, it costs money to play sports, in case you hadn't heard. Lots and lots of money...
  3. Sometimes it isn't the best environment. It's no secret that some sports tend to attract kids who may not be the best influence on your little ones, especially since there is a lot of pressure for kids to try and be extra cool when they play sports and act tough.
  4. It is a time commitment. Of course, there are all the practices... and games... and tournaments... and tryouts... oh, and did I mention that you have to drive them there?
  5. Injuries are also a commonplace part of playing sports. And we're not just talking about bruised egos here.

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Written By: Kevin 

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