01 Nov
Pros of Having a Dog
Cons of Having a Dog
A dog is a true friendDogs can be hard to train
You get to name your dogPuppies like to nip
Dogs provide great protectionThey cost a lot of money
Dogs are a great excuse to get out of the houseYou have to clean up dog poop
Teach kids responsibility Make going on a vacation hard
Help with depression and anxietyDogs make it hard to find a place to rent
Gives a dog a good homeDogs can destroy yards, furniture, and homes

What are the pros and cons list of owning a dog?

     This question came up in our life after bringing home a cute little puppy.  We planned on training him to be an obedient dog and be a great addition to our family. After a few days, we questioned our decision. 

Pros of Having a Dog

  1. A dog is a true friend. I have heard of so many stories of dogs that have really changed their owner’s lives and become amazing friends. I think that every dog can become a man's best friend.
  2. You get to Pick out your dog’s name. From Spot to Snickers you have a world of words to choose from. When my husband and I were naming our dog it was a lot of fun to think of all of our favorite names and put them together.
  3. A dog is great for protection. If you are alone at home you have a lot less reason to fear because you have a wonderful protector. I always know that I will be okay because our dog would never let us get hurt.
  4. A dog can push you to get out more. If you want to lose weight or get outside every day a dog gives you one more reason to get out and exercise. From dog parks, long walks, and playing catch. Your dog will help you reach your goals.
  5. Great way to teach kids responsibility. There have been few moms who have told me that a dog has been one of the best ways to teach their child responsibility. A dog will not live without being taken care of so the child has to keep up on poop scooping, feeding, brushing, water, etc. (Keep in mind that you will also need to make sure that your dog is being taken care of. Kids need reminders.)
  6. Helps with depression and anxiety. When you feel nervous and alone your furry friend is there to help. Your dog will always be there to help you through your hardest days.
  7. Giving it a good home. There are a lot of amazing dogs that are being abused or put down because they don't have a good home. You are the home that will save one more of those dogs that would have been put to sleep otherwise.

Cons of Having a Dog

  1. It can take a really long time to train a dog to have manners and act how it should act. When we started training our puppy it took three training sections for at least 10 minutes every day to make the smallest difference. This does not include socializing with your dog.
  2. Puppies tend to nip all of the time. This can scare small children which can lead to more problems. Our kids would not go outside because our puppy nipped and jumped on them a lot. 
  3. Dogs that are not trained or in the process of being trained can bark A LOT. When you live in the country this isn't as much of a problem. Those that live in the city have to worry about neighbors getting mad. Which can lead to animal control and your dog being taken away.
  4. Dogs like the rest of us poop, and it is your job to clean it up. There are companies that poop scope for you but that is one more thing to pay for every week.
  5. Dead grass because of urine. If you like beautiful soft grass in your yard adding a dog to your family might not be the best idea.
  6. Cost of food. Be prepared to spend an additional $20-$60 per month for one dog. 
  7. Cost to license your dog. Did I just miss the notice, or did anyone else know you have to pay to license your dog in most cities?
  8. Cost for shots. Shots cost you a pretty penny, but you can save yourself some money by doing the shots yourself if you buy them from somewhere like Cal-Ranch.
  9. Cost for old-age care. "Don't grow old." That's the advice I hear every day working in healthcare with older folks. While the idea is funny, there is some wisdom in it because with age comes many problems and money for those problems.
  10. Cost for vet bills. I feel like this list is full of money problems, but there are many expenses with owning a pet! Unexpected vet bills are among those as you want to make sure your pooch is cared for.
  11. Hard to go on vacations with it. Whether it's trying to convince a friend/neighbor to watch your furry pal, or paying for a kennel, be prepared for some headaches.
  12. Hard to find a place to rent. As if apartment-hunting wasn't hard enough, add a dog into the mix. Not only do your options go down, but you'll also have to fork over additional fees, (most times $25-$100/month!) and deal with dirtier apartments from previous renters' pets.
  13. Hard to sell your place if you had dogs in it. Like before, dogs also make it harder to sell a house due to the mess they create.
  14. Hair allergies. If you have allergies, no further explanation is needed.
  15. Digs holes under fences. You finally did it, you finished putting the final touches on your yard’s landscaping then this happens: holes. Holes everywhere! That dog’s been at it again...
  16. Scratches up furniture. As if your landscaping nightmare wasn't enough, now your beautiful interior is going to ruin! Might want to rethink this one.

"Our goal is to help the world make decisions with a list of Pros and Cons. We invite all to add to our lists to help others make the most educated decision possible. We are all in this world together to help each other and learn from what others have learned from their lives journey." - Pros and Cons Team

Written by: Sarah 

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