01 Nov
Pros of Having a Date Every Week
Cons of Having a Date Every Week
Rekindles relationshipsIt can be expensive
Is a refreshing break from your weekOne more thing to plan
Provides a new adventure weeklyHard to find a babysitter that can be trusted
Kids get a break from usBabysitters can be pricey
Creates quality time Date ideas can get into a rut
Helps set aside time to reevaluate your relationshipIf you have kids you will find that the house needs to be cleaned, a meal prepared, and rules in place, before you can even leave. 

What are the pros and cons of going on a date every week?

Kevin and I recently decided to do date nights every Tuesday. It has been a lot of fun but, at the same time, has a few downfalls.

Pros of Having a Date Every Week

  1. Rekindle your relationship like before you were marriedBefore being married Kevin, and I made it a point to see each other as much as possible. After being married and having two kids, it feels like we barely have time to talk. Having a time set apart every week really helps keep your relationship alive.
  2. It is a refreshing break from your week. There are days of the week that are milestones that you plan on. For example, Saturday is a day off with the family. Sunday is a day to remember God and Jesus Christ. Mondays are a day no one looks forward to and on and on. Date night should be a day of the week that makes the rest of the week that much better!
  3. A new adventure weekly. If it is my or Kevin's turn to plan a date night, we can always have a new adventure. From making homemade ice cream or boats to float down the river. It has been a lot of fun!
  4. Kids get a break from us. It is hard to find a good babysitter that you can trust, but when you do, the kids have a lot of fun and don't want you to come home. I think for the whole family it helps you become closer. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is a true concept! 
  5. Get to try new things that you wouldn't get to do with your spouse. With kids, work, and school, It is hard to fit in fun times unless we schedule them. That is what our date night is all about. Doing things that we wouldn't be able to. 
  6. Talk through things that are hard to talk about other times. Once again, life keeps moving if you don't take time to talk about good things and hard things, your marriage will slip and feel lost without communication.
  7. A time to reevaluate your relationships. This kind of looks the same as above, but it is different. You and your spouse need to take the time to understand each other and how they feel the relationship is. Are their problems? What is bothering you? What do you love about your spouse? What was your favorite memory with them in the past week? What do you need help with? This is not a time to blame but a time to learn from one another!

Cons of Having a Date Every Week 

  1. Activities can be expensive. Kevin and I are cheap when it comes to everything, but still, a once-a-week cheap date with a babysitter adds up! The question you need to ask is it worth it?
  2. One more thing to plan and prepare for. Sometimes in life, it is a go, go, go all of the time. How are you supposed to plan a date on top of everything else? Then after you that there is getting ready for it. Making sure you have all of the supplies and on and on. Again the question you need to ask is it worth it? 
  3. Hard to find a babysitter that you trust. We have lived around family ever since we had Addy. So we haven't had too hard of a time finding someone to help out. Now that we are moving out of state, I think of all of the bad babysitters there can be.
  4. Baby sitters are expensive. Sometimes our date won't cost anything, but then you remember you have to pay the babysitter... 
  5. You can feel like you are in a rut with boring old ideas. Every night my husband and I try to play a game or watch a small Dick Van Dike show. When date night rolls around, it feels like we can only think of watching a movie or playing a game. It takes a good amount of planning to come up with something new. 
  6. You need to make sure the house is clean, rules are in place, and a meal for the babysitter and kids. I feel like most of the cons to going on a date are the babysitter. You need to make sure to leave the house somewhat clean, have a list of rules, emergency contacts, and dinner for them to eat with the kids. Lots of preparation. Is it really worth it?

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Written By: Sarah 

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