28 Jun
Pros of Cloth Diapers
Cons of Cloth Diapers
Cheaper in the long runYou can't just throw them away
Cloth diapers are better for the environmentOne more load of laundry
Better at containing urineHard to use on trips/errands  
One size fits allTake a little longer to put on
Easy to useCloth diapers are bulkier
Look like a diaper coverA lot of money right up front
Fewer rashesThey smell like ammonia if not washed immediately 

Since having a baby, I have wanted to give cloth diapers a shot. Finally, after ten months, I broke down and bought 12 cloth diapers and inserts. Thirty-six dirty diapers later, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on cloth diapers. 

Pros of Cloth Diapers

  1. They are cheaper in the long run. I spent $130 on 12 cloth diapers (included 24 microfiber inserts )and 24 additional inserts. Looking back, I would have only got 12 of the inserts, which would have made my total $100. Note Here are the two products I would suggest,  ALVABABY Cloth Diapers and ALVABABY Charcoal Bamboo Inserts. I have also heard that Hemp inserts are great, however they are more expensive and I have had no problem just using the Bamboo inserts. 
  2. Cloth Diapers are better for the environment. Any parent knows how many diapers children go through. My garbage cans have never filled up so fast! Fewer diapers in landfills are a step to helping cut back on waste. 
  3. Better at containing urine My little girl has never leaked through her cloth diaper, which hasn't been the case with disposable diapers. It has been over three weeks since I changed her sheets due to an accident. 
  4. One size fits all. The snaps on the cloth diapers are incredible. I can use the same diapers from Newborn until potty training is complete .  
  5. Easy to use. I was so scared that I would be so confused. It is easy! You put the inserts into the pocket ( I prefer one microfiber and one bamboo insert.) Then you snap the diaper on your baby. 
  6.  Cloth diapers look like a diaper cover. The cute designs on the diapers are perfect! They look cute under dresses, by themselves, or with a t-shirt. 
  7. Fewer rashes! I was shocked when I realized my daughter's rashes were finally going away within days of using the cloth diapers. Did you know that cloth diapers lead to fewer diaper rashes? I sure didn't. 

Cons of Cloth Diapers

  1. You can't just throw it away. Everyone wants to deal with dirty diapers as little as possible. Yet, cloth diapers must be emptied, washed, dried, and assembled. 
  2. Dirty wipes are nasty! I used to fold dirty wipes into the diaper before disposing of it. Now, I have to throw the dirty wipes in the trash before emptying the poop into the toilet. 
  3. You need to wash one more load. I was shocked at how much more laundry we have with a baby. Now I run yet another load of soiled diapers. 
  4. They are hard to use on a trip/errands. No one wants to transport dirty diapers around with them. No one wants to empty a poopy diaper in a public place. I have disposable diapers on hand for when we go on trips. 
  5. Take a little longer to put on. Now there are at six things to snap instead of two. It doesn't take much time unless your child is like mine and doesn't cooperate. 
  6. Cloth diapers are bulkier. I was shocked at how big cloth diapers are. My child now grows out of clothes faster due to the massive diaper. 
  7. A lot of money right up frontA $100 will buy quite a few disposable diapers. It is hard to pay it forward, knowing it will take at least a few months to make it worth it. 
  8. They smell like ammonia if not washed immediately. I wash my diapers every 3 to 4 days and they smell like ammonia. In order to rid the diapers of the spell I usually run each load twice. 
  9. When the poop isn't sold it is anything but pleasant. Swishing a dirty diaper around in the toilet is anything but pleasant. Note: Baby's don't poop solid for the first few month, which can make cloth diapers a nightmare. 

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Written By: Kristen  

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