03 Nov
Pros of Teaching Kids How to Act at Cultural Events
Cons of Teaching Kids How to Act at Cultural Events
They get used to sitting stillChildren can be noisy 
Learn the importance of such eventsPeople around you may be annoyed
These cultural events have more meaning, when kids get to participate in themIt may be overwhelming
Helps shape childrenYou may have to leave early or get kicked out 
Creates memories Cultural events can be expensive

Tomorrow my husband gets his white coat for medical school. For those that don't know what that means, it is a special ceremony where a Doctor puts a white coat on the Student Doctor. In the medical world, this is a big deal! I am excited for him but at the same time extremely nervous to see how our three and one-year-old behave during this long ceremony. What are the Pros and Cons of introducing kids to cultural events at such a young age?

Pros of Teaching Kids How to Act at Cultural Events

  1. They get used to sitting still. When Covid hit, my second child could only sit still for 5 minutes because he was not required to sit still in church. So when we were able to go back to church, he struggled!
  2. They learn the importance of different cultural events. I think it was awesome that my parents took us to a few cultural events growing up! It helped me learn manners, appreciate music, surroundings, and clothing. I remember when my parents took all of us to a super fancy restaurant, we were required to dress our very best. Then when we got there, we were taught how to use different utensils while eating in a formal setting.  
  3.  Traditions mean more when kids get to participate in them. If a child never goes to a symphony or opera, then they will never appreciate it!
  4. Culture events help shape children. Kids pick up on thingsfrom going to a professional basketball game to listening to the Messiah. A child has the chance to choose who they want to become and ideas of how to get there.
  5. They create memories that most children will not have. We didn't have a lot of money growing up, but my parent made sure we experienced cultural events all the same. From free concerts, free museums, and other free events, my siblings and I had a memorable childhood.

Cons of Teaching Kids How to Act at Cultural Events

  1. Children can be noisy. Trust me; a two-year-old doesn't know the meaning of whisper! 
  2. They haven't learned how to act in public yet. Every time you get out in public with your kids, they will be more prepared for the next time. They don't come trained already!
  3. People around you may hate to be interrupted. I remember when I was little, I went to the graduation of one of my uncles. The rows of seats were close, and I didn't know any better and kept swinging my legs and kicking the man in front of me. Finally, the man turned around, gave me a dirty look, and stormed away... Even though I was only about four, I learned my lesson.
  4. It can be overwhelming and embarrassing. As a parent, it can be so embarrassing! My little boy will sometimes scream at the top of his lungs, "ALL DONE!!!" 
  5. You can get kicked out, or kids may not be allowed. Most plays and concerts have an age limit of 8 years old. It is good to keep in mind.
  6. Some cultural events can be super expensive. Last night I was looking for tickets to buy for my mom's birthday. Most well-known plays and events cost upwards of $50.

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Written By: Sarah 

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