10 Feb
Pros of Listening to a Book
Cons of Listening to a Book
You can do it anywhereZoning is a real thing
Easier to FinishHard to skip through the book 
Great way to get through required readingHarder to get free copies
Pros of Reading a Book 
Cons of Reading a Book
Helps people unwindBooks aren't as durable 
Easier to make you own Takes time to read
Improves readingTakes up space

Growing up, you would often find me sprawled on the sofa with a book in hand. Toward the end of my high school career, I began listening to audiobooks. I have gained so much from both formats of books, but there are pros and cons to each.

Pros of Listening to a Book

  1. You can do it anywhere. I can listen to a book as I do dishes, work outside, and commute. 
  2. Audiobooks are easier to finish. I have listened to more books than I ever could have read.
  3. Audiobooks are a great way to get the required reading in for school and work. While working 30+ hours a week and taking 15 college credits, I found audiobooks helped optimize time. I remember listening to parts of Plato's Republic while mowing dozens of lawns.

Pros of Reading a Book

  1. Reading a book is a great way to unwind. Months have passed since I have taken the opportunity to read a book for my enjoyment. This last weekend I picked up a childhood favorite, The Whipping Boy, and read it in two days. It was a refreshing restart for a busy life. 
  2. You can personalize the book.  In high school, I had the opportunity to read, The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas. I marked my copy up and made it a treasured possession. 
  3. Reading a book helps improve reading. The more you read, the better you get at it. 

Cons of Listening to an Audio Book

  1. Zoning out is a real thing. We all do it! 
  2. Audiobooks make it harder to skip the fluff. My husband and I listened to a fascinating book over 40 hours long! The only problem is the author took a lot of unnecessary detours.  There were so many parts we wish we could have skimmed. 
  3. It is harder to get free copies. If I want to read a book for free, I can often find it at my local library. This is not the case with audiobooks. Although most libraries offer audiobooks, there seems to be a smaller selection and waiting lists on many titles. 

Cons of a Book

  1. Books aren't as durable.  I am embarrassed to admit it, but I have run a book through the washer. The washer won that battle!
  2. It takes time to read. After high school, I have found it hard to sit down and read. There are meals to prep, diapers to change, errands to run,  people to help, and life to live. There seems to be less and less time for reading.
  3. Books take up space. How many bookshelves can you fit in your home? How much space do you need for those bookshelves?

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Written by: Kristen 

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