15 Apr
Pros of Learning a New Language
Cons of Learning a New Language
Can speak with more peopleTakes time
Increases skills of native tongueUse it or loose it
Great skill to list on resumeSo many mistakes and corrections
You will gain new ideas if it isn't common it may become useless 

While in high school, I would daydream of becoming Sterling Scholar. I would sit down to push myself to learn four or five languages. I can barely speak English! I don't know what I was thinking. 

Pros of Learning a New Language

  1.  Able to speak to more people. Have you ever wanted to exchange thoughts with someone that speaks a different language? I remember always having the desire to speak Chinese or Spanish when I was younger. I would imagine myself going up to someone in a store and talk to them about life in their native language.
  2.  Increases your skills with your native language. My husband speaks both English and Spanish. He said, "As you learn a second language, you start learning the "why's" to your native language." I think it is interesting how a lot of languages connect in one way or another.
  3.  New ideas are opened up. For example, words in one language might not have a word in another language. It is mind-blowing to learn new words for something that has never had a name to you.
  4. Great for your resume. When you speak a second language, you will usually have an advantage when applying for jobs.

Cons of Learning a New Langrage

  1. It takes time. I have been learning Spanish for years, and I still don't feel good enough to say anything. The time it takes is mind-blowing.
  2.  You can lose it if you do not use it. After Kevin had moved back to the United States, he stopped using his Spanish as much. Somedays he, says he can speak it well, and other days it is a little rusty. 
  3.  Many mistakes and corrections. Not only does it take a lot of time, but you also need to be willing to put yourself out there. Try and speak the language  to those that are fluent. It is hard with a lot of confusing and embarrassing mistakes.
  4.  If it is not a common language, it may be useless in many areas. Do you know of anyone that has learned Dutch? If you do, they probably never have the chance to speak it, unless they go to Denmark.

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Written By: Sarah 

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