04 Nov
Pros of Getting a Bachelor's Degree
Cons of Getting a Bachelor's Degree
You meet a lot of peopleYou can go into a lot of debt
You have classes on multiple subjectsYou may never use your degree
Great time to figure out who you areIt may be way out of your comfort zone
Helps you to get a better paying jobIt is hard
Deadlines teach the importance of being on timeYou might be going in the wrong direction

Most of my brothers, sisters, brothers-in-laws, sisters-in-laws have gone to college and graduated. At least 50% of them have never used there degree and probably never will. So what are the pros and cons of getting your Bachelor's Degree?

Pros of Getting a Bachelor's Degree

  1. You meet lots of people. I know many couples that wouldn't have met each other had they never gone to college. It is a great place to branch out and meet some new people! Through college I met some of my dearest friends. 
  2. You take a lot of different subjects that you normally wouldn't have. A Bachelor's degree includes a lot of general classes. I will admit I wasn't always thrilled to take these classes. However, the truth is many of these classes taught me a lot of lifetime skills. 
  3. You have deadlines that teach you about being on time. Again I hated having assignments that had due dates. But believe it or not, life is a bunch of deadlines, might as well get practice early on. 
  4. College is a great opportunity to get out on your own and learn how to take care of yourself 100%. There are SO many benefits to moving out. All of a sudden real life hits you, and you get stretched a lot. It is 100% up to you now to make  the most of your life. This is a fundamental step that college can provide. 
  5. You have a better chance of getting a better-paying job. Even though you may think you are qualified , a degree makes the world of differences to employers. You can be a music major and get a business job. Sometimes it doesn't make a difference what kind of degree you get. You only need the paper! 

Cons of getting a Bachelor's Degree

  1. You can go into a lot of debt! Do you want to work 40 hours a week while going to school full time or go into $30,000 in debt or more?
  2. You may never use your so-called degree. My brother went to school to get his bachelor's and found that construction jobs pay better than his degree. Rather then pursuing a career in the field of his studies, he became a roofer.  He may never end up using his degree.
  3. You are out of your comfort zone. You will be meeting lots of people with group projects and new roommates. If you are not a people person, this can push you far out of your comfort zone.  
  4. It is hard. When it is midnight, and you have something due in 6 hours. Tears may flow. 
  5. You might be going in the wrong direction. I talked to a man that had gone into backstage designs finished and decided it was not for him. Back to school, he went to get his computer tech degree. A lot of debt and time was put into going in the wrong direction. 
  6. It might be a waste of time. Have you ever gone to a class and felt like you got nothing out of it? Ya, it might be a waste of your life.
  7. A college degree isn't you only option.  I often feel that many graduate high school and enroll in collage, because that is what they have been told to do. NEWFLASH! There are other options why not go to a trade school and become an electrician, CNA, or plumber? The idea that everyone needs to go to college can be limiting. 

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Written By: Sarah 

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