23 Nov
Pros of Being a Substitute Teacher
Cons of Being a Substitute Teacher
Great way to learn if you want to be a teacherSome teachers write awful/practically non-existing lesson plans
Allows you to learn which teachers you want your children to haveSome students are hard
You get to choose your schedule Some days are monotonous 
You get to work with kids and teensYou don't know what the day will bring

While in college, I worked as a substitute teacher in Utah. This job was a life-changing experience for me, one I am so grateful I had. I found that administration differed greatly in the two different counties I taught, which gave me a wide berth of experiences.

Pros of Being a Substitute Teacher

  1. Subbing is a great way to decide if you want to become a teacher and where you want to work.  I went into substitute teaching because I wanted to become a teacher, and I felt that this would beef up my resume. I loved the kids but hated the administration in the first county I taught. Some schools had their student on the computer all-day. Other schools had the headteacher plan all of the lessons, and all other teachers had to follow that plan. Once a Vice Principle came in and got mad at the students because the students were playing games during an indoor recess rather than watching a movie. This experience gave me the inside information I needed. Sadly I changed my major and then began to teach in another county. It was a night and day difference. If you are a teacher trying to choose where to work, take my advice, and spend time in different schools. 
  2. Substitute teaching is a fantastic way to scope out the teachers you want to have for your children. Teachers are not all the same. I quickly saw this as a substitute teacher. I had students tell me that their teacher would only discipline them by yelling. I had lesson plans that had little on them. I came in contact with many teachers that were mean to their students. Hint: If you want to know what classroom to put your child in substitute, teaching is helpful. 
  3. You can choose your schedule. In Utah, I only had to work one day in thirty to keep my job. I got to sign up for what classes I subbed. If you are looking for a flexible job, look no further. 
  4. You get to work with kids and teens. I loved working with students! There were sweet notes that students slipped to me. There was a lot of laughter. It was so fun! Also, if you hated a class, no worries, you never had to go there again. 
  5. You can teach in your second language. It was so fun for me to speak Portuguese with the student's in the Duel Immersion Program.

Cons of Being a Substitute Teacher

  1. Some teachers couldn't write lesson plans. Some teachers couldn't write good lesson plans, and that was rough. There were some times I had to come up with more activities to fill a ton of time.
  2. Some students are just hard. I was called the worst sub for saying no. I was called the worst sub for not letting a girl cheat on a test. I had students roll their eyes on numerous occasions. Then I had whole classrooms that would never let me get in a word edgewise. Students can be disrespectful.
  3. Some days are monotonous. Have you ever watched the same 45 minutes of a movie four times in a row? I have! Oh, and I should mention I hated that movie. It was the worst, longest day ever!
  4. You don't know what each day will bring. When you sign up for a new classroom, you have no idea what you will teach. You may need to remember your high school math or maybe need to proctor a test. You may need to do a fire drill or may have hours of prep time. Every day is different, which can be good or bad.

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Written By: Kristen 

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