23 Jul
Pros of the Game Quirkle 
Cons of the Game Qwirkle
Fun for kidsFirst round is rough
Great game to promote learningWhy are there two stars?
Game is always differentChocking Hazard
The pieces are fun to play withPieces are easy lost

This is an all-time family favorite! I remember sitting at the table with my family playing Qwirkle for hours! My dad would obsess over one game at a time, and we played Qwirkle repeatedly. This game lasted a long time. It is a game of thinking, strategizing, and a little luck! I still don't think I could win if I played against my dad!

What are the pros and cons of the game Qwirkle?

Pros of the Game Qwirkle

  1. Qwirkle is a great way to teach kids shapes and colors! I remember pulling out little blocks and asking my oldest daughter what each shape and color was when she was little. It is now fun to see her line them up in patterns and build towers with the blocks. This game has a lot of purposes! Kind of like dominoes; it is just as fun to play with the pieces as the actual game.
  2. No two games will be the same. The blocks are placed in all kinds of shapes and color patterns from start to finish as you try to rack up the most points. Try to outsmart your teammates and beat them to the best position with your blocks. Can you do it?
  3. It teaches math as you play. If you have three of each block and two are out, what are the probabilities that The last of the three tiles will be drawn? There's a lot of thinking involved.
  4. With all this strategizing you can do, you can also play it with very little thought. Playing Qwirkle with our four-year-old, there's not a lot of thinking involved, but it is fun to see her figure out the game's puzzle.
  5. You can play this game either way. If you're competitive, this game is fun. If you are not very competitive, this game is fun. I think that is why it can be a family favorite!

Cons of the Game Qwirkle

  1. It is easy to lose one piece and lose the game's balance! Because I let my kids play with the pieces, we have multiple blocks missing. It was bound to happen with so many blocks to keep track of.
  2. It usually takes a one-time playing before you catch on. Just like most games, it isn't one you understand 100% the first time.
  3. Even though the pieces look like a child cannot choke on them, they still stuffed them in their mouth. I remember thinking it was okay to let my little one play with them as blocks. A little friend we had overstuffed one in his mouth without warning. I panicked and tried to scramble to get it out. I am grateful I caught him doing it. I don't know whether he would have been able to swallow it and choke or not, but I wasn't about to wait and find out.
  4. I sometimes found it hard to hide my pieces from the other players. When you play with a group of four or five players at a table, it feels like all of your neighbors can see the pieces you don't want them to see. It would be nice if the game contained some cover to hide your pieces. That way, accidental looks don't ruin the fun.
  5. I sometimes wish the game had more than three blocks of each shape. I think even four of each would make the game that much better. It feels like you still want to play by the time you set up and lay down all of the circles. Maybe it is better to keep wanting more than being done with the game before it ends.
  6.  It is confusing that there are two-star shapes. I feel like they could have chosen a different shape. They look a lot different, but a star was four points, and a star with six points is still a star. What about an octagon or something different? I think it would be less confusing.
  7. The first time I played Qwirkle was on a date with some friends. I was not too fond of the game; I was confused and wanted it to end. I couldn't get enough of the game the second time I played it. Don't let the first round ruin it for you.
  8. The orange and red colors are a little too similar. My husband and I don't have an extremely bright living room. When we pull out Qwirkle, it is hard to see the difference between the red and the orange colors. I wish there were a little more contrast between the two. It would make everything a little less confusing.

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Written By: Sarah

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