22 Jan
Pros of the Game Skull King
Cons of the Game Skull King
It is A LOT of funAt first it can be confusing 
You can change up the gameScoring points is complicated
It is a great game for two people or a partyThere are one too many pirates
There is a great balance of strategy and luckWhen playing with two people, the ghost player makes the game off balanced 
High stakes and turnoverThere is a lot of shuffling 

Recently my husband and I were walking around the mall when we decided to stop by the Red Balloon toy store. We soon decided to choose one game to take home and play that night.

 We began to debate between getting the Skull King of another game, and couldn't come to a decision.  A cute couple overheard our conversation and said that Skull King was one of their favorite games and that they would highly recommend it! 

After playing Skull King 15 or 20 times, I decided to write a list of the Pros and Cons. (other Grandpa Beck's Games I would recommend)

Pros of the Game Skull King

  1. It is a lot of fun! I couldn't help but put this in as the first pro. If your family enjoys card games, this is a must-have!
  2. There are so many ways you can change the game. I love games where you can switch things up as you play. For example, you don't have to use all of the advanced action cards, which adds a big twist. Or choosing between the two types of scoring, you can make the game swing in a few directions. You can also decide how many cards will be in each round, which will make a big difference in how each player will bid and react.
  3. Skull King can be a two-player game or a large group game. Have you ever played a game where it says it can be a two-player, and it is lame unless you have four or more? This is not the case with Skull King! My husband and I have played it so many times and have had a blast.
  4. There is a lot of strategy and luck in the game. It is not a game of "Candy Land" or a game of "Chess", but a healthy balance of both.
  5. Do you like to bet or think you are good at analyzing situations? Skull King is the game for you! It isn't all about winning but being right. How many hands can you take or avoid taking? 
  6. High stakes and turnover. Do you like taking high risks? If so, this game is perfect for you! One minute you can be winning with over 100 points, then the next hand you are in the negatives. Be wise!
  7.  There isn't one card that can dominate at all times. The pirates take the mermaids, the mermaids take the skull king, the skull king takes the pirates, and the suits are all over the place.
  8. I think the artwork on the cards is well done. It is fun to have a game with fun designs on them. The artist did a beautiful job at bringing each of the characters to life. On a side note, I like that the mermaids are not sexualized.

Cons of the Game Skull King

  1. It can be a little confusing the first time you play it. Skull King takes a few times of playing to catch on 100%.
  2. A lot is going on when it is time to score each round. With that in mind, the scorepad is out of this world confusing. I make my husband do it every time because I still don't know if I could do it.
  3. There might be one to many pirates. Playing with a few groups, we all agree that taking out one of the pirates would change the game for the better.  
  4. When playing with two players, one ghost player makes the game off balance. After playing a few rounds, we discovered that putting two ghost players in the game makes it runs smoother. 
  5. The fewer cards you deal, the more shuffling needs to happen. It isn't terrible, but if you hate shuffling as I do, it can be a little annoying to shuffle the deck every few minutes.

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Written By: Sarah 

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