14 Mar
Pros of Pyramids
Cons of Pyramids
It is a unique gameIt goes by too fast
It is really colorfulGlyphs are worth too much
Not a time consuming gameThe rules are really confusing at first
Has many challengesThe 3D pyramid piece is just one more thing
Great two player gameIt can get really repetitive after a few times
It is  interactive Some strategies are overpowering 

One of my favorite family traditions is when we go on a vacation, we find a new game to buy and play one night together. We have discovered some of the best games in Texas, Utah, and Idaho. After flying to Texas, we found a little game store in one of the towns near Dallas. After looking through ten or fifteen games, my husband and I agreed to buy Pyramids. Here are some of the pros and cons of the game Pyramids.

Pros of Pyramids

  1. It is a unique game. Can you make the best pyramid with only ten turns and four objectives? How many colors can you cram into your pyramid while also focusing on the toom and obelisk?
  2. The game is really colorful. I love games with lots of personalities and bright colors. The bright-colored stones make the game intriguing.
  3. Pyramids is not an extremely long game. After playing one time, you should complete a game in 20 minutes. I love that we can play a fast round before bed without taking the whole night!
  4. If you like challenges in games, this game has many hoops to jump through. Can you pick the best cards to complete your end goal in time? You only have ten turns to complete a whole lot!
  5. It is a perfect two-player game. I love games that you can play in small groups. Pyramids can have as many as five players but works great for two people. If you love playing games with your spouse, this is a must-have!
  6. You get the hang of it after playing the game once. Pyramids does not take three or four times of playing it before you get in the swing of it. After playing one time through, you are pretty much an expert on the general rules. Now all you need is to add on your strategy.
  7. It is an interactive game. Do you like making your opponent's life miserable? Yes, you can mess other players up 100% if you take the cards they need. Competition is a big part of this game!

Cons of Pyramids

  1. Sometimes the ten rounds go by too fast! When playing with two players, I think there should be at least 12 rounds to build your pyramid. It is finished already? NO!
  2. Glyphs are worth too much! You can be ahead in almost every category, and then your opponent gets ten glyphs placed right, and they win. Sad face! Long story short, you would probably have to play it once to understand what I am talking about.
  3. The first time you read the rules, your mind might blow up! The first time my husband read the rules, we were so confused. It does take one time of playing before you get the hang of it. YouTube is a great way to learn how to play!
  4. The 3D pyramid that keeps track of turns is one more thing. In the Pyramids game, there is a lot of stuff going on. Having that 3D turn tracker to keep track of is one too many things!
  5. In my competitive spirit, I wish the diagonal colors counted. When you lay down your color tiles for your pyramid and two colors only touch diagonally, you do not get the points. Grrrr! It makes me so mad!
  6. After playing a couple of times, it can get repetitive. Like any game, after a few times of playing Pyramids, it gets where you know what to expect a little too much. Then you add in how some people play the same way over and over, and you pretty much know the outcome.
  7. Some strategies are overpowering. Card four is super powerful, or choosing to go second is an unfair advantage. Some ways Pyramids is played is not fair for the other players.

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Written By: Sarah 

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