01 Mar
Pros of the Game Pit
Cons of the Game Pit
Great ice-breaker gameThe design of the cards is a little boring 
Different than almost every other gamePit is NOT a quiet game
There is fun strategyOne person can mess up the game
Easy game to learnA quiet voice is a hinderance 
Game is compact and easy and transportA wrong size table can make the game difficult

Corner on the market!!! This loud party game was a family favorite. I have asked a few friends if they have played Pit as we have talked about games we grew up playing. Many of them have heard of the game but have never played it.

Pit is all about how you can win the stock market over with your loud voice and fast-moving trades. You don't want to get caught with the bear or the bull. So watch out as your friends might try and slip them to you. With all of the commotion throughout the game, what are the pros and cons?

Pros of Pit

  1. Pit is an ice-breaker game. Are you planning on having a large party with friends that don't know each other? After yelling at each other to try and win over the stock market, people get to know each other quickly.
  2. Pit is different than any other game I have played. In most games, you have to take turns, and you are not trying to talk over one person or the other. In Pit the louder the group gets the better! Also, the more the cards move around the table the more entertaining. 
  3. Some might disagree, but there is a strategy to the game. You need to know what group of cards are cycling the most. You have to decide if you want to go for the highest point value card and risk others going for it too. Or you can choose one of the smaller valued cards like Oranges or Corn.
  4. It is an easy game to learn. Collect all of your desired cards from other players, and ring the bell when you finish yelling, "Corner on the Market." 
  5. The box is small enough to take with you anywhere with ease. With only a pack of cards and a bell, you will have no problem bringing Pit with you where ever you want. Do you like to play games while camping? This is the perfect game to pack along.

Cons of Pit

  1. The cards are a little boring. There might be some versions of Pit that have colorful bright cards, but most of the ones I have seen are pretty bland!
  2. If you are ready for a quiet game night Pit, is NOT for you! Yelling, fighting, followed by a loud bell. It is just not a game if you have a headache. 
  3. A player can mess up the game. I remember as a teenager thinking it was funny when I collected one of each of the cards preventing everyone from winning. After the game went on for a long time, everyone realized what was going on. It was fun for me but not as funny for my older brother, who was about to win.  
  4. If you don't have a table where you can grab cards from all players, it can be frustrating! If you are at one end of the table and your final card is at the other end, good luck getting it in time to win. 
  5. If you have a quiet voice, you may never win! Can you talk over everyone? If not, you might get a trade every couple of minutes. My mom loves games but isn't super competitive. She would sit at the end of the table, and I could never hear what she was saying. By the end of the game, she would be doing good to get five or six new cards. 
  6. If someone hates you and knows what you are collecting, they can mess you up. All your enemy has to do is keep one of your cards in their hand, and you will never win. Either don't play with someone that doesn't like you, or you better hide what you are collecting.

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Written By: Sarah 

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