22 Jan
Pros of the Game Carcassonne
Cons of the Game Carcassonne 
The game board is always changingSometimes point values are a little heavy
It is an easy game to playMonasteries and gardens are too powerful
So many different strategies There are too many Meoples
It is a fairly fast pace game Can become boring after playing it a few times
It is a good mix of easy and complicated Too much luck involved 

Board games are our favorite things to do together as a family and a couple. Nothing beats a night of heavy competition, snacks, laughing, music, and memories. Ever since I was little, I remember hurrying to get my homework done so that my parents and siblings could play Rook. The love of games will instilled in me.

For my birthday this year, I was super stoked when my parents sent me the game Carcassonne! After playing it multiple times, my husband and I have talked about the things we love about Carcassonne and a few of the rules we would change. Here are our thoughts.

Pros of the Game Carcassonne 

  1. You will never have the same game board. Like a few of the well-known games in Carcassonne, you get the satisfaction of building your game board.
  2. It is an easy game to play. This doesn't mean that there isn't a strategy! The game is just fast to explain and start.
  3. You have multiple ways to focus your attention as part of a strategy. Do you want to build super-long roads? How about a beautiful city? Or do you want to make all of the other players hate you?
  4. The game seems like it moves along fairly quickly. Even though the game may take 30 minutes or more, it feels like you are never waiting for your next turn.
  5. It has a good mix of easy and complex. Are you a big gamer? Or do you like chill games? I think both groups can play this game together and enjoy it!

Cons of the Game Carcassonne 

  1. Sometimes point values seem a little heavy. For example, the city values are way more than the roads. This can make you feel like building roads is a waste of time when they take the same amount of time.
  2. If one person gets all of the monasteries and gardens: the game feels off balance. When this happens, it can be frustrating if you are the better at strategy  then the other player. Haha, it might be just me. I am super competitive!
  3. There are a few too many Meoples (game board people). If there were fewer Meoples then, the game wouldn't be as easy.
  4. There isn't a ton of functional variation. There isn't any way to change up the game besides the board itself. This made the game boring after a few times of playing it.
  5. There is too much luck in drawing the tiles to lay down. It would be nice to have a few tiles out in front for you to choose from and replace. 

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Written By: Sarah 

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