25 Jan
Pros of Cover Your Assets
Cons of Cover Your Assets
It is a game of making friends and enemiesThere is a lot of luck 
It was a fast moving gameIt is hard to win, without allies 
The game comes in a small boxYou will either love it or hate it
It doesn't cost as much as other gamesThe prices on the card are a little off

About four years ago, my husband and I went to a large family party for a Spring celebration. Everyone was playing board games and eating tons of food. We soon joined in with 14 others to play Cover Your Assets.

Even with the three decks of cards, the game was overwhelming and not fun because it was never your turn to play. I never thought I would play it again until my little brother gave it to us last Christmas.

To my surprise I loved it! We often pull it out for game nights or when the family stops over. Now that I have been on both sides, I can honestly tell you the Pros and Cons of the game, Cover your Assets (other games by Grandpa Beck I would highly recommend).

Pros of Cover Your Assets

  1. It is a game of making friends and enemies. Do you like teasing and getting on people's nerves for fun? It might just be the game for you!
  2. Do you like fast-moving games? Unless you have 14 players (which should never happen with any game.) To me, the game always flies by too fast. I could always play for another few minutes.
  3. It is hard to always win or always loose in Cover Your Assets. Some rounds I will make $400,000 than the next round, $75,000. It is all in the cards, and how mean everyone is to you.
  4. The game comes in a small box. It is always nice to have a compact card game that you can take with you. When we go on camping trips or visits to families, we often take a game or two. Cover Your Assets is the perfect size to pack anywhere.
  5. It is a simple game to play. You don't need to play this game 50 times before understanding. Within minutes you will be a pro at stealing others' assets.
  6. It doesn't cost a lot. On Amazon, it costs about $17. A perfect gift for any of your game-loving friends.

Cons of Cover Your Assets

  1. It is all about luck. Do you have good cards? If not I, am sorry you will lose!
  2. If everyone gangs up on you it, is impossible to win. My husband feels like every time we play he is the only one picked on by all the others. Haha, this is not true, but he also never wins...
  3. You either really like the game or really dislike the game. I haven't met a lot of inbetweeners. Mention this game in public, and I can bet someone will say, "I LOVE THAT GAME!" or "I HATE THAT GAME!" Which will it be?
  4. I think some of the prices are off. Like, "Cash under the mattress is $5,000." And "Stocks are only $10,000". Maybe I am just greedy. 

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Written By: Sarah 

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