20 Jan
Pros of Taco Cat
Cons of Taco Cat
Easy game to learnIt isn't a game most people would want to play over and over again
It has funny palindromesMore then half of the game time you are shuffling
Fun design Only a two player game
It is a quick gameNot much different then other games
Easy setupIt feels too simple

The other night my husband and I were supposed to go out on a date when our little boy got sick. We knew that we couldn't leave him with a babysitter, so instead had a stay-at-home "night out." With a treat and Taco Cat, we were ready for the evening.

Sitting down to play Taco Cat was a fun memory and one I would like to share as I write the Pros and Cons of our new board game.

Pros of Taco Cat

  1. It was a simple game to learn. Within a few rounds, we felt super confident about what was going on. It also helped that the rules provided a video to watch for more clarity.
  2. The box is compact. Not only is it a box that holds everything, but it is also the game board. Tricky, tricky!
  3. It has funny palindromes. My husband and I had a good laugh over the game as we realized every single card was a palindrome.
  4. The artwork was creative and fun to look through. Our little girl thought that the fat baby and geese were so funny.
  5. The game was the perfect amount of time for the objective. It was a quick enough game to stay engaged but long enough not to finish in five minutes.
  6. It is an easy setup! Have you ever played a game where the setup takes longer than the game? Taco Cat is super easy to set up and put away.
  7. It has a different character than most games you will play. It is a fun, clean, well-thought-out game that brings up fun conversations along the way.
  8. It is not a game of all risk. You have the chance to strategize a little as well. If you like games that give you a bit of fun competition, this would be a good game for you.
  9. It is a two-player game. I know my husband, and I love finding games with only two players. If you are on a date or a newlywed, this is a fun game to add to your stash.
  10. The price wasn't bad. For a cheap game night, this is a fun game choice to pick up from Walmart.

Cons of Taco Cat

  1. It isn't a game I could play over and over again. If I am not feeling super competitive but want an easy-going game, Taco Cat is a good option.
  2. It feels like more than half of the game you are shuffling. If you didn't have to shuffle all of the cards each round, I think it would make it more enjoyable.
  3. It is only a two-player game. This makes it hard when our kids want to play. Or have friends over for a game night. It is more for a chill night with one friend or spouse.
  4. Taco Cat is kind of like a Trick-Taking game. This isn't all of the way a con if you like games that are basically the same as others you have played. So, if you love a new type of game that you haven't played before, Taco Cat might not be for you.
  5. It might be a little too simple. After playing it for a while, I asked my husband what he would change about the game, and he said it was just a little too simple. Again it all depends on your game style, but it could be a flop of a game for someone who is looking for a challenge.

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Written By: Sarah 

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