25 Feb
Pros of the Game Splendor
Cons of the Game Splendor
The game is played differently depending on the number of players It is a competitive game
There are a million strategiesIt doesn't feel like there are enough tokens for four people
The rules are easy to learnThe square milestone markers are worth too much
The artwork is interestingIt isn't as interactive with other players until the end of the game
The game pieces are high quality There is only one way to play the game

Do you want a unique game to play? Splendor has been a family favorite for the past couple of years. It has been such a big hit that four out of seven of my family members own it and bring it to most family functions. My husband and I have never bought it but often asked to borrow it from my parents. When this happens, we will play it over and over until we are almost sick of it, if that is possible.

After hours spent playing this game, I feel like I can write a good list of the pros and cons of Splendor.

Pros of the Game Splendor

  1. The game is played differently with two players versus four players. The strategy I use when my husband and I play is 100% different than when I play with four people. This makes it feel like a new game.
  2. There are a million strategies. Do you like starting slow and building up coins? Or reserving a card that is high Level valued? Each time I play, I think of new ways to win the next time.
  3. It is a game you can learn the basic rules within five minutes. No need to read instructions for hours before understanding the general concept. After understanding, the game just becomes better.
  4. It feels like you are earning something of value as you collect tokens. I love feeling like I have earned money for my hard work. Collecting jewels that turn into valuable cards makes the game more rewarding.
  5. There are interesting pictures on each of the cards. I don’t know how many times I’ve played and still enjoy looking at the different artwork on each card.
  6. All of the cards feel like they have equal value. For example, a card worth five points is just as hard to get as all the other five-point cards. There’s not a magical card that if you buy, you win. It is all about strategizing how to afford the victory points instead of the luckiest one to draw the best card.
  7. The game is high-quality. All of the tokens, cards, and even the box are made well. It is nice to have something that will last!

Cons of the Game Splendor

  1. It is a more competitive game. People that are more casual gamers might not love this game. If you are not in it to win, you might hate playing.
  2. I do not feel like there are enough tokens when playing with four people. Sometimes you wait forever for someone to stop hoarding the diamonds and rubies.
  3. Maybe it is just my strategy, but sometimes I think the little square milestone cards are worth too many points. Instead of being three victory points, I wish they were only two.
  4. There is not a lot of interaction with other players until the end. As long as you are taking turns, you do not even have to talk to your opponents. I like games that you have to interact a little more, but if you are ready for a quiet evening with no pressure to communicate until you add up points, this is a game for you.
  5. There is only one way to play the game. It is not like Monopoly or Uno, where there are so many things you can change up about the game. There are no new cards or jewels that add variety to Splendor (unless you buy the expansion). In other words, house rules are hard to come by.

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Written By: Sarah 

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