21 Feb
Pros of Hi Ho Cherry-O
Cons of Hi Ho Cherry-O
Easy game for all agesThere are a lot of small pieces 
It is not like most kid gamesThere are only three trees
It is fun for kidsIt is hard to remember what the symbols mean on the spinner
It is a fun colorful gameIt would be nice to have the basket attached to the game board

Are you looking for some good games for your kids? Growing up, I had never played Hi Ho Cherry-O. After talking to my mom, she told me it was an old game that they used to play. I might be out of the loop, but I thought it would be fun to write the pros and cons for those that have never played it.

Pros of Hi Ho Cherry-O

  1. It is an easy game for kids of all ages. My two-year-old understands the game for the most part. My four-year-old gets into the game enough that she enjoys playing and tries to win. As adults, my husband and I enjoy playing with the kids because they love it. It does not feel like a dumb game that you can not wait to finish!
  2. Hi Ho Cherry-O is not like most kid games. It is not about who is luckiest to draw a card like other kid's games. Spin the wheel and let the game begin.
  3. It is fun for the kids to pick the cherries from the tree. I do not know if it is just our kids, but they love picking leaves and small berries off anything that grows. This game gives them a chance to pick cherries without hurting our neighborhood's bushes and trees.
  4. The cherries in Hi Ho Cherry-O aren’t just red! Each player can choose green, purple, and red cherries. It makes the game colorful and exciting for the whole family.
  5. The box that Hi Ho Cherry-O comes in is very compact. I love game boards that are attached to the inside of the box. It feels like there is less that can be destroyed by little fingers when there are fewer cardboard parts in the game.

Cons of Hi Ho Cherry-O

  1. There are a lot of small pieces. Talk about choke hazard. My little boy and girl are obsessed with putting things in their mouths. It is near impossible or safe to let them play by themselves.
  2. There are only three trees to pick cherries off. This is frustrating when you have more than three people that want to play. We can always play on teams, but that is never as fun.
  3. It is sometimes hard to remember what each symbol does on the spinner. It would be nice to have clear directions on the spinner of what you are supposed to do.
  4. It would be nice to have the basket attached to the game board. Our kids love pulling the basket full of cherries out and dumping them underneath the game board. Requiring us to flip the board over and ruin the current game that we were playing.

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Written By: Sarah 

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